Short Fiction

Grace and Homecoming: two stories forthcoming in Take the Mic: Fictional Stories of Everyday Resistance (2019, ed. Bethany C. Morrow)


Rogue science and robot dinosaurs (er … marine reptiles).
(story art by Lars Weiler)

Robo-Liopleurodon! (2018)


A Victorian ghost story about two Apache sisters on the creepiest island in the Atlantic.

The Whalebone Parrot (2017)

An Apache professor defies a harbinger of doom. Can she save her tiny Appalachian neighborhood?

Owl vs. The Neighborhood Watch (2017)

During a psychotic episode, Irene is tormented by the titular Famine King, a movie so bad, it’s MONSTEROUS.

The Famine King (2017)

As an apocalyptic plague rages, Native metalhead musicians save the world (or die trying)!

Black, Their Regalia (2016)

A modern Coyote story! Can a “journalist” outsmart the great Trickster?

Skinwalker, Fast-talker (2017)

When a ship malfunction releases forty Chihuahuas and a husky en route to Mars, can an Apache veterinarian save the day and fall in love?

Né łe (2016)